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Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle
Smart Controllers

Smart Controllers

From you RF enabled devices to your IR enabled devices, taking into account devices that are not smart-home compatible, our smart controllers provide a way to use what you have and make it smart.

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Always ensure you have hot water when you need it. Whether by setting up the boiler to automatically start and shutdown at specific times or by starting it up at you convenience from the app or by voice. The smart boiler switch integrates beautifully into our smart home program to turn your standard heater into a smart one.

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"Alexa close all curtains", Just say this before going to bed and you are sure all your curtains are safely closed. Or do the reverse in the morning to let the sunlight in. Whatever your choice, our smart curtain system will seamlessly integrate into your smart home.

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Upgrade your existing ceiling fan. Turn it into a smart fan that you can control from your app or with your voice.

"Alexa set fan speed to 3" it is as simple as that. Now your ceiling fan listens to your voice and if you feel more traditional, you can always press the beautifully crafted capacitive buttons to turn it ON/OFF or set the speed. The choice is yours.

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You don’t want a smart bulb? you have beautiful Lamps? you want to keep your design? You can still make your lighting smart.

Grab a Smart Light Switch and enjoy all the features (Remote ON/OFF from smartphones and Alexa Voice Control, Timers, Routine based on other events). And when you just want to press it, it works as a normal light switch, so don’t worry about Grandma and Grandpa.

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Control your TV, your Air Conditioning, your Speaker system and any other device that supports Infrared remote control. Basically this is a Universal Remote Control that connects to your WiFi and can control multiple devices in the same room.

It integrates with Alexa or Google Home for voice control and you can always send your commands from your smartphone. It is able to send the IR signal in multiple directions simultaneously.

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This device gives you the ability to remotely turn ON/OFF anything that is connected to the socket through it.

You can set up timers, use your smartphone, create routines that depend on other tasks, use voice control from your Alexa device and much more.

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