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Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle


A few health products that we believe can help. Always watch out for our curated list of health products.

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This is a simple steam inhaler to help you relieve your flu or cold. Just put the liquid you want to inhale in the container, plug it to power and that’s it. Within a couple of minutes, you will be ready to inhale. 

It includes multiple units out of the box. A Facial unit when you want your entire face to be covered or two nasal units depending on what you want to do for your direct consumption.

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The Wyze Watch 47mm has an expansive 1.75mm touch display to read and interact with your notifications and apps. The blood oxygen sensor, the heart rate monitor, and the step counter are amazing companions for your health. With its IP68 rating, you will never have to worry about sweat or rain. It has a tiny price but it does big things. 

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