1.75 Inch Touch Screen

Size matters when it comes to a smartwatch screen. Read email previews, texts, and other notifications with plenty of space.


Blood Oxygen

A drop in blood oxygen saturation can be a sign of serious health risks. A crystal glass casing and a pair of infrared LED clusters can measure it whenever you’d like, right on your wrist.


6061 aluminum alloy frame

All metal from bezel to band. The perfect blend of high durability and lightweight comfort.


A Shortcut to Wyze Shortcuts

Raise your wrist and tap to control your Wyze ecosystem.


Mix and Match Designs

Personalize your pixels. Match your watch face to your style using unique combinations of background images, clock styles, and colors.


Water Resistant up to 2 Meters

IP68 Weatherproof rating. Fit to withstand dust, dirt, and sand and resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 2 meters underwater for up to 30 minutes.


Heart Rate

Keep an eye on your heart rate from the comfort of your wrist while browsing your trends in the app.


Sleep Monitoring

Rest easy and check your sleep duration, depth, and position once you wake up.



Keep up the pace and check out your progress using your watch and the in-app tracker.


Menstrual Health Tracking

Check the stage of your cycle, note upcoming dates, and keep track of your menstrual health with Wyze Watch.


9 days of Battery Life

With battery capacity up to 300mAh, you’ll get through your week with plenty of charge to spare. Need more juice? Recharge fully from 0% in about 2.5 hours.


Make It Your Own With 22mm Quick-Release Straps

Wyze Watch comes with a comfortable silicone strap, but you can switch to a leather strap or silicone band to better match your personal style.




·      Wyze Watch x 1

·      Magnetic USB Charging Cable (0.7m)

·      Quick Start Guide x 1

·      Black Strap x 1





Size: 1.75 TFT LCD

Screen Resolution: 320x385

Color: 16-bit color

Touchscreen: Yes



Weight: 46.6g



Battery Capacity: 300 mAh


Charging time: 2.5hr

Battery Life: 9 Days

Standby Time: 60 Days



Magnetic Charging

.7m cable



Rating: IP68



MCU: 96MHz

RAM: 512KB


External Flash




PPG Heart Rate Sensor: Yes

Blood Oxygen Sensor: Yes

Acceleration Sensor: Yes

Vibration Motor: Yes



Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0




How long does the battery last under normal use?

Wyze Watch can run up to 9 active days on a charge!


Is the Wyze Watch compatible with wireless charging?

No, Wyze Watch uses a magnetic charger.


What type of straps are used on Wyze Watch?

Wyze Watch uses 22mm quick-release watch straps.


What is the included strap made of?

The included strap is made of silicone. A genuine leather strap and additional silicone straps are also available for purchase separately.


What personal or biometric information is collected by the Wyze Watch?

Heart rate, step count, blood oxygen, sleep tracking info, calories burned, blood oxygen level, and accelerometer info. There is also voluntarily provided information such as weight, height, etc. that we will ask for during setup for accurate fitness information.


How long will it take to fully charge my watch battery from 0%?

It takes about 2.5 hours for a full charge.


How do I reset my watch?

Press and hold the button on the side, then tap reset on the screen.


How does my watch track my heart rate?

Your Wyze Watch will automatically measure your heart rate periodically, but you can also initiate a manual heart rate reading from your watch.


How does the blood oximeter measurement work?

The back of the watch has an LED cluster that emits two wavelengths of light. Combining the information that they each collect, the watch screen shows your blood oxygen saturation level.


How can I control my Wyze devices using Wyze Watch?

Wyze Watch supports running Shortcuts that you have set up in your Wyze app. Please see the section “What are Shortcuts?” on our Support site for more information.


Does the Wyze Watch support GPS?

No, Wyze Watch does not support GPS.

Is the Wyze Watch compatible with popular fitness apps (Google Fit, Apple Health,


Samsung Health, Strava, Fitbit)?

Google Fit and Apple Health will be supported. We may explore other integrations in the future!


Can the Wyze Watch function without my smartphone after setup?

Your watch will be limited to health/fitness functions without your smartphone. It will be able to track your blood oxygen level, heart rate, alarm, timer, and step count.


Does the Wyze Watch support NFC payments?

No, sorry! Wyze Watch does not contain NFC hardware.


Can the Wyze Watch detect sleep apnea?

No, Wyze Watch is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Can I send and receive texts with my Wyze Watch?

Wyze Watch will allow you to receive texts and view them.


Can I receive and make phone calls using my Wyze Watch?

You can accept or deny incoming calls using your Wyze Watch, which is useful if you’re wearing headphones. Keep in mind that Wyze Watch does not have a microphone or speaker.


Does the Wyze Watch play music?



Does the Wyze Watch play music or store music locally?

Not at this time.


Will the Wyze Watch detect heart arrhythmia?

No, Wyze Watch can not perform an electrocardiogram. Remember, Wyze Watch is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Is the Wyze Watch compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, or other voice assistants?

No, Wyze Watch does not have a microphone or speaker to integrate with these assistants.


Is the Wyze Watch compatible with IFTTT?

Not at this time.


Can I buy an extra Wyze Watch charger?

Not at launch but we will be exploring this possibility in the future.


Will Wyze Watch affect my pacemaker?

Wyze Band will not affect or interfere with your pacemaker, ICDs, or any other internal medical device.


Does the Wyze Watch require WiFi?

Wyze Watch links to your phone through Bluetooth and will use your phone’s internet connection, whether WiFi or cellular.


What information does the Wyze Watch collect from my phone (e.g. contact information)?

Wyze Watch uses a combination of location data along with health measurements to calculate fitness information. Contacts and call history are used for the call-related functions on Wyze Watch. Application notifications are passed to Wyze Watch so they can be displayed on the screen.



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